10 things a traveller to Estonia should know

  1. 1. Most of the cafes are self-service. You order at the counter and the things will be brought to your table (You can expect service for sure in restaurants).
  3. 2. Estonians are nice and polite, but shy with strangers. Don’t expect to get into a conversation easily.
  5. 3. Supermarkets are open every single day of the year, even on Christmas.
  7. 4. In Estonia there are no motorways.
  9. 5. Railway connections are not important to Estonians. Mostly busses are used for inter-city connections. And buses do connect EVERY place in Estonia.
  11. 6. The city buses stop at every stop. You don’t have to demand for it extra.
  1. 7. Free of charge wireless internet (e.g. at usual cafes or squares) is more often available than elsewhere in Europe. But there are much less classical internet cafes.
  3. 8. The school summer holidays last for 3 months (usually starting on the 1st of June, but always ending at the 1st of September).
  5. 9. In Estonia there is the so called “every man’s right” (igamehe õigus), according to which you must have access to nature (sea shore, forests, lake and river sides).
  7. 10. The Estonian language has no sex and no future (common joke about the language grammar not having gender and no future tense).



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