Tourism in Estonia – the Baltic Sea at its best

There is no doubt that Tallinn is the biggest centre for tourists in Estonia. The historic Old Town with its numerous sights is one of the most impressive medieval monuments in Europe. At the same time, the growing economic metropolis is the only traffic junction in the country and provides to its visitors numerous international and regional transport connections.


Wasserfall Jägala
Terrific: The Jägala-falls in spring. Close to Tallinn.

There are direct flights to a number of European countries, some train and numerous bus connections as well as a huge ferry port where most of the European - especially Scandinavian - day tourists arrive.


Since Estonia’s regaining of independence, Tallinn has been a melting pot for the modern and historical. The result is an extremely attractive and popular travel destination. An atmosphere of departure and a very charming flair dominate the city.


Privathaus Võsu
Private house in Võsu. Popular holiday resort for local people on the north coast.

The rest of the country is much quieter, though. Indeed, cities like Pärnu, Tartu or the small town Otepää, which is famous for being a winter sports resort, are starting to become internationally renowned.


But it would be wrong to think of Estonia as the classic tourist nation. Only the years to come will reveal how the country will develop.


At the moment it is its calmness, nature and nativeness that make Estonia attractive for tourists. Naturally, the country is very popular with hiking fans and nature lovers. The way of life around the Gulf of Finland is uncomplicated.


Kleine Insel Leuchtturm Seeweg Hiiumaa
Little isle with lighthouse. By sea to Hiiumaa.

In a nutshell, Estonia presents itself as an attractive mixture of a few metropolitan cities and numerous beautiful landscapes. Tallinn could be the starting point of an interesting journey through the country, preferably in the summer. It would also be very useful to acquire some theoretical knowledge before the travel.


No doubt, there are several lovely and interesting places to discover in Estonia. Far away from disturbing mass tourism and the hustle and bustle of typical holiday destinations, Estonia offers its visitors various positive impressions. Briefly, Estonia is definitely worth a visit!  


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