Kuressaare – the centre of Saaremaa

Kuressaare is the tourist centre of Saaremaa – the largest island in Estonia. The town, that is situated in the south and has around 15,000 inhabitants, has – despite its small size – many interesting historic places and buildings to offer. Kuressaare is just beautiful to the eye, so no wonder that local tourism has the tradition of 150 years.


Beautiful mansion from the 19th century.

In 1840, the first local and foreign people came to be treated in this small town, which was then called Arensburg. They came to seek physical and spiritual health with the help of the maritime climate and wonderful sea-bathing possibilities.


The people of Saaremaa recognized quite early the immense potential of the town and the neighbouring islands. This early awareness of Kuressaare’s advantages still pays off today.



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