Tartu – the intellectual centre of Estonia

With its about 100.000 inhabitants, Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia. It is situated in the south west part of Estonia and experts like to call it the intellectual centre of the country. There couldn’t be a more suitable title for this city.


Gorgeously restored until 2005. St. John`s Church.

The reason is very simple: Tartu and its university have been internationally renown for centuries. The classicist university buildings in the heart of the Old Town reflect the academic spirit of the city and are regarded as a supra-regional landmark of successful history of research and teaching.


But that is not the only thing the city on the banks of the River Emajõgi, has to offer. The modern shopping streets, pubs, bistros and the market hall (turuhoone) create a lively, but at the same time a very relaxed atmosphere.


raekoja plats
View on the central square - on raekoja plats.

Those visitors who are interested in culture will be delighted by the city of Tartu. They will find theatres, cinemas and about 20 museums (muuseum). Modern and classical meet in Tartu and make the city worth seeing.






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