Hiking in Estonia - beautiful nature reserves

There are numerous beautiful landscapes that need to be preserved and protected in Estonia. Looking at the many nature reserves, it becomes quite obvious that Estonians certainly have very good relationship with their nature. All the nature reserves have been developed in the near past and guarantee the preservation of the diversity of species in the northern Baltic.


Hiking area bog Tolkuse Raba
The bog Tolkuse Raba - one of the 42 special hiking areas. 33 km south of Pärnu.

International hiking tourists, looking for tranquillity and repose on one hand and longing for discovering unknown landscapes from the other, are becoming more and more attracted to these areas.


This is why is going to present in detail the most important and most interesting Estonian nature reserves. Besides general descriptions of the landscape and notes on local particularities you will find useful travel tips as well as directions for the journey and tips about where to stay.



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