Alutaguse – a fascinating marshland area

Heading to Lake Peipus from Jõhvi in Ida-Virumaa via route no. 3, you will arrive at a moor landscape called Alutaguse around the village of Iisaku. Bogs and marshlands have always hampered larger settlement in this region. This is why only the above-mentioned Iisaku and a small settlement of Tudulinna have saved the area from being completely unpopulated.


A little further in the North West lays Muraka Marshland, which has become a natural habitat for around 100 bears and several rare species of birds. In general, the region is a bit craggy and wild. Therefore, even the people of this area do not really correspond to the image of a typical Estonian.


Most of the inhabitants are descendants of the Russian immigrants. They left their homeland after the Great Northern War (1700-1721) and settled down in the area north of Lake Peipus in search for a better future.


This is why Russian influence is still strong in the language and culture of Alutaguse. If you want to learn more of this special area, visit the museum of local history in Iisaku.



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