Kurtna Lakes

At first, it may be surprising to find lovely regions in the district of Ida Virumaa, which is mainly an industrial area. Especially after having first faced industry’s chimneys and mining waste heaps around Kohtla-Järve. Leaving highway no. 1 at Jõhvi in the direction of the south, you will soon leave the industrial areas behind and forget as if they had been only a surreal dream.


Approximately 20 kilometres on route no 3 towards inland and you’ll be at Kurtna. From there only a short way in south eastern direction to Kurtna Lakes (Kurtna järvistu). As many other parts of North Estonia, this around 30-square-kilometre-large area has been strongly affected by the Ice Age.


The hiking area with approximately 40 picturesque lakes and green hills is a real wonder of nature. And therefore the first place for hiker to go. From the top of “Devil’s Hill”(Kuradimägi), which is around 70 metres high, visitors get a very good view of the landscape. From here you can also see the everglade and moors next to the lakes.


The campsite between Kurtna and Illuka is a good place for backpackers and campers.  From here it’s only about 25 kilometres to Lake Peipus, which lies further in the south. Now, you’re almost in the centre of Ida Virumaa. Once again, here, you can experience one of the most beautiful sides of Estonia.



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