Matsalu Nature Reserve

Matsalu Bay in the district of Läänemaa has officially been an area of nature conservation since 1957. The 500-square-kilometre area in the east of Estonia is a true paradise - especially for birdwatchers.


Idyll am Kasari Fluss
Kasari river. Almost untouched nature.

At times there are no less than 250 species living in this area – among them species that are of great interest to the ornithologists, such as the rare white-tailed eagle and the great cormorant.


This is why local authorities are careful when it comes to the topic of tourism. Visitors are only allowed to walk on designated paths while exploring the beauty of the protected area.


Furthermore, visitors need to register in advance for a boat trip at the administration centre in Penijõe. With its museum and restaurant the small village is kind of a tourist centre in this fascinating nature reserve.


Further in the north, Haeska manor offers another possibility if you are looking for a place to spend the night. Around 30 people can find accommodation in this classicist building.


There is also a research and documentation centre and a nearby look-out that provides you insights in the indeed very safe world of Matsalu Nature Reserve.



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