Vilsandi National Park

Vilsandi National Park, on its approximately 10 square kilometre main island and smaller uninhabited islands, makes up for the westernmost point of Estonia.  


The reserve that is of very special value from an ornithological point of view was founded in 1910. Artur Toom as an individual had already initiated the preservation of the diversity of species in the coastal area some years before.


On 7 June 1957, the Nature Conservation Act was passed in Estonia. On the basis of this act, Vaika National Park was founded. It comprised of the bird habitat of Vaika. In 1971, the reserve was renamed Vilsandi Nature Reserve and after a reorganisation in 1993 it became Vilsandi National Park.


The park administration (website in Estonian language only) is situated in Saaremaa, in Loona Mansion that has recently been renovated. There is a biology station in Vilsandi, providing accommodation for researchers, tourists and other visitors.



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