Vooremaa Lake System

Vooremaa Nature Reserve, worth seeing not only because of its landscape, but also from a cultural point of view, is located in Jõgeva county, west of Lake Peipus.


Very close to the town of Jõgeva is the village of Palamuse, which has about 700 inhabitants and is a kind of regional tourist centre. At the same time it is also the northern starting point for a tour through the nature reserve that mainly consists of lakes surrounded by hilly landscapes.


Palamuse is one of the oldest settlements in Estonia. Its origin dates back to the year 1234 when a small church was built in honour of Bartholomew the Apostle. The former school that was established in 1874 today hosts a museum. Its authentic interior enables visitors to travel back in time right to the 19th century. Travellers in that area should stay in Palamuse for at least a couple of hours.


The area that is full of small lakes is also popular with tourists on beach holidays, especially Lake Saadjärv in the south. It is the largest lake in the area and offers almost ideal conditions on its eastern banks. Crystal clear water and a sandy beach invite you to spend a most relaxing day here where holiday atmosphere is guaranteed.


Right next to Lake Saadjärv there is a lovely small animal park in a village called Elistvere. It is not that easily accessible because the roads are not in a very good condition. The small park is deliberately kept simple and is proof of the discreet simplicity of this region.


In the park, hikers who would probably be a bit scared of encountering a brown bear in the wild, can experience a more relaxed alternative as a fence protects both the visitors and the animals.


No matter what you are looking for – culture, beautiful landscape or relaxation – you will find the region most interesting. Vooremaa has a lot to offer and is worth a visit.



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