Estonian isles – little worlds at the Estonian coast

At first, it is hard to believe that there are around 1,500 islands along Estonia’s cliffy coast (e.g. Pakri Pankrannik at Paldiski). Definitely, many of them are too small to be of any cultural or tourist interest. Despite the beautiful landscape there are often only very small settlements and very limited ferry services.


Windmühlen Angla
The Angla windmills.

But fortunately there are some exceptions which are not only worth visiting but are indispensable elements of every longer journey through Estonia.It is on the islands, where you can see some of the original and the most fascinating features of this country.


Take a trip to Saaremaa and Hiiumaa – the two largest islands of Estonia. They both are peculiar in landscape and have numerous sights and are thus considered important tourist destinations.


Plastic unwanted: Little shop offering high quality souvenirs on Muhu island.

Muhu, Vormsi, Kihnu and Ruhnu are much smaller but also interesting and worth visiting, either for one or more days. Even on the smaller islands people seem go along with the increasing needs of tourism, but without jeopardizing their own identity.


Just the other way round – the inhabitants of the islands have managed to find the balance between their own culture and the growing ambitions of tourism. The islanders have a positive attitude to life, which they also convey to the visitors of Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Muhu, Kihnu or Ruhnu.



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