Hiiumaa – the popular summer residence for numerous Estonians

Piece and remoteness – this is a summary of life on the island of Hiiumaa. In fact, with its 1,000 square kilometres, the island is the second largest in Estonia. And there are 11,000 inhabitants on the island, which is relatively lot.


Kassari Sääretirp Hiiumaa
Kassari Sääretirp on the island of Hiiumaa.

And still, there never seems to be any hectic rush on Hiiumaa. The island and its inhabitants seem completely relaxed – a fact that contributes to the holiday atmosphere on the island of Dagö (Hiiumaa’s Swedish name meaning “day island”).


Restaurant/Café Rannapaargu. Close to the beach.

The largest town is Kärdla, which has slightly more than 4,000 inhabitants. But there is not much to see in this town. So it is the tranquillity of the densely wooded island that attracts day tourists. Around 90 minutes by ferry and you can look forward to a day in remoteness and nature. The fact that many Estonians have bought summer residences on Hiiumaa proves how enjoyable life here really is.


"Kukka Kivi" - mystic and also huge foundling: 16 m long, 4 m high.

A “special feature” of Hiiumaa is the highest density of forest in Estonia. Almost 60% of the total area is covered by mostly pine or spruce forest.


Here and there you might find juniper groves, whereas the centre of the island is characterised by everglades and muddy undergrounds. Besides, Hiiumaa is very flat. The highest elevation is only around 70 metres high which is why visitors are spared from climbing tours.


The picture on the right shows a statue of Leiger, who is the giant of Hiiumaa. The legend about him says that he had chosen Kassari as his home and thus started to build a bridge between Saaremaa and Hiiumaa – this is how Sääretirp, a long, narrow tongue of land, came into being.


"Tahkuna peninsula" on Hiiumaa.

Some think that the origin of the island’s name goes back to this legend. Hiiumaa means “the land of giants”.


The combination of maritime climate and the smell of woods create a unique, refreshing breeze. You will probably have real difficulties finding reasons not to visit Hiiumaa – they’re always on holiday!



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