The island of Vormsi – Beauty off the west coast of Estonia

Vormsi has had like many other islands off Estonia’s coast a long Swedish tradition. It is thus not very surprising that the names of the numerous villages do – with due respect – sound very similar to the names of the range of products by a world famous furniture producer – they are called Borrby, Hullo, Söderby or Kärrslätt.


Names of the places - like from a book by Astrid Lindgren.

Vormsi’s location is very picturesque: it lies between Hiiumaa and the peninsula of Noarootsi in the north west of Estonia. With a total area of just under 100 square kilometres the island that belongs to the district of Läänemaa is the fourth largest island in Estonia.


From a tourist point of view Vormsi offers plenty of interesting details and sights. Of special architectural interest is the island’s church including its cemetery, for example. They date back to the Late Middle Ages and on the cemetery some stone crosses have survived several centuries. In the west near Saxby and in the east near Norrby three magnificent light houses can be found.


View on Vormsi from the ferry.

But to find out about the most interesting side of the island you will have to discover all the advantages nature has to offer. There are large areas of woods, sweet smelling juniper fields and in the middle of it all, as reminders of the ice age origin of the area, over and over again the massive foundlings – a must for all hiking fans.


Vormsi is therefore also very popular with inhabitants of the capital Tallinn and offers a place of relaxation and recovery. There are also some very nice places ideal for swimming in the south and south west. Many Estonians use the island as their secondary residence.


So it is quite obvious that the surrounding areas of the villages on Vormsi get more and more prepared for the visit of local and international visitors. Especially the website of the island welcomes its visitors very warmly – an invitation that should not be refused.



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