Tallinn – medieval metropolis in the north of Europe

Tallinn (formerly Reval) is the capital and the political, economic and cultural centre of the country situated in the northernmost part of the Baltic countries.


Blick über den Hafen auf Tallinn.
Silhouette of Tallinn with docks in foreground.

Almost one third of the Estonian population (approx. 400,000) lives in the capital. That is why Tallinn, which is situated at the Gulf of Finland, can be considered being a metropolis even by the European standards.


Tallinn is Estonia’s gate to the world. It is here that the development of the country starts and where you can see the results of the melting of past and present in the first place.


Lively street in the Old Town.

The ultra-modern telecommunication network is very productive. There are numerous international traffic connections and the growing number of office buildings is another proof of the new zeitgeist in Tallinn. Fortunately, the enthusiasm and modern spirit can’t do any harm to the city’s charm.


A great setting for new life.

On one hand, Tallinn gives a good feeling of modern quality of life and of respect for traditions on the other. The Old Town that was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1997 is an evidence of the shaky history of the city and of the whole country.


The area around the medieval town hall square, called Raekoja plats, is obviously the heart of Estonia’s tourist attractions.



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